A Quick Guide To Styling Jewellery To Your Outfit

Published On August 27, 2016 | By koby Colt | Accessories

Accessorising your outfit with jewellery is a great way of adding a touch of style to your look. Even the simplest of outfits such as a plain t-shirt and jeans can instantly be transformed into something rather stylish by adding the right jewellery.

The art of accessorising takes a little bit of practice, but once you know some of the simple tricks and tips, it’s something that you’ll begin to do more naturally and easily.

Also, as much as you would probably love to be able to buy matching jewellery for every outfit, unfortunately, this isn’t the most practical nor financially viable option. Learning some quick and easy jewellery hacks could, therefore, help prevent you having to part with your pennies.

So when it comes to accessorising your outfit, here is a quick guide in how to carefully select your jewellery.

The simpler the outfit, the bolder the accessories

The key to choosing the right jewellery is to balance it out to the rest of your outfit. We spoke to Wave Jewellery who suggested that if for example, you’re wearing an outfit which has lots of colours or tones going on, you’re best to stick with a more understated design of jewellery. They suggest a necklace such as their Delicate Diamond Pendant, a simple yet sophisticated choice, adding a touch of beauty to any outfit.


Wave Jewellery went on to explain that a simpler outfit, or one which doesn’t contain as many colours, gives you more free reign to experiment with using bolder or brighter jewellery to make more of a statement. ‘We would recommend a piece from our collection of Lucy Q which is a fantastic way of adding something a little more unique and interesting to your outfit.’

Be watchful of overloading on jewellery

Following on from the previous point, when matching jewellery to the simplicity or complexity of your outfit choice, it’s important that you think about the proportions of your outfit to the jewellery which you’re wanting to wear.

As suggested in College Fashion’s blog discussing tips for styling your outfit, ‘If you’re wearing something sleeker, you can go a little bigger and bolder with a chunky cocktail ring or big, bright handbag.’ Yet an outfit which is bolder and brighter is best paired with a subtle style of jewellery.

Don’t overload with too many items

It can be very easy to ruin your look by going overboard with too many pieces of jewellery. As the saying goes, less is more, so try and be restrained in terms of how many items you go for.

Statement pieces such as a chunky necklace or cocktail ring don’t necessarily need to then be accessorised alongside bangles and earrings, so for bolder pieces, you’ll generally only need to wear one or two items of jewellery with your outfit.

Match accordingly to formality

Another great tip when choosing the right jewellery for your outfit is to match it accordingly to your level of formality, or to what activity you’ll be doing.

We’ve already mentioned how an outfit can be completely transformed with the addition of particular styles of jewellery, here are some examples to show you how different looks can be accessorised with varying items from your jewellery box.

For a more classic look, perhaps to go out shopping or meet with friends, pearl or diamond stud earrings with a simple pendant or bracelet looks elegant without going over the top. For a more glamorous occasion, SheKnows suggests experimenting with something bolder or glitzier such as chandelier earrings, bib necklace or a large cocktail ring.

However, if you like going for a more casual or ‘playful’ appearance and you quite enjoy trying different colours and textures, chunky or bright coloured jewellery could look great. On the other hand, when going to work, keeping it low key is perhaps more suitable, therefore, opt for a pair of simple stud earrings, a pendant necklace and a classic watch.

Jewellery has the potential to make or break an outfit. Get it right and you’ll fabulous and have your friends in awe, but get it wrong, and you can run the risk of ruining your outfit. The best piece of advice is to start simple and with fewer items, and then gradually start experimenting with what works well for different styles.

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