Dressing for the Big Game

Published On January 27, 2017 | By koby Colt | Fashion

Once you’ve got your eyebrows shaped, lashes trimmed and nails polished and hair done it’s time to get your wardrobe ready for your next ballgame or sports event.  And there is no place better than Fanatics when you are seeking sports items with your school or ballclub logo.  Indeed, many of the “official” stands at major sports venues actually sell Fanatics products at rates that reflect rental fees for the space at the ballpark.  Buying your sports memorabilia online with a Groupon coupon is far more convenient and economical.  And you can have items shipped directly to you free when purchased with a Groupon coupon promo code.

A good approach is to wear your team colors to work, then prepare to “dress down” for the sports venue.  While at work you can set the stage for the upcoming game by talking it up to all your co-workers.  Let them know the events that will be taking place and see that information about times and locations is readily available – posted on line or on the office bulletin board.  Tell all to attend and take part in the pre-game events, parties and gatherings.  And don’t forget to invite folks to take part in the tailgate party in the parking lot at the stadium before the game.  Tell them to bring along their own secret barbecue sauces and specially prepared items to cook on the grill.

It is advisable to have some of the more traditional dishes available at a tailgate party.  After all, a large part of sports loyalty is based upon the whole concept of loyalty to team and tradition.  So it stands to reason that attendees will probably expect to find mostly traditional dishes on hand.  It is probably best to accompany the more customary dishes with a selection of sides that includes some new or unique dishes.  However, you are free to use your personal creativity when it comes to the kinds of seasonings and sauces you use.  Just remember that your guests will bring along their specialties, so you may end up in a contest over who puts out the smoking-est barbecue!

And let your friends and guests know whose side you are on by wearing all your team insignia at the tailgate party.  Combine your best activewear and shoes (Fanatics is offering Nikes at 25% off right now!) to make a definitive statement about which side you’re on when attending the game.

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