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House property value continues to rise year on year in most places in the UK and with the average house price currently sitting at £220,000 it is becoming even more difficult for first time buyers to get a foot on the property ladder.  People buy property not only to live in but they use this as part of their pension plan as this potentially could be a safer and more rewarding bet than a normal pension plan.  When you own a property there is a lot of different ways in order to bring the value of this up.  Here are some suggestions.


Getting a home extension could be a good move in order to give you more space in your family home.  This may sound like an expensive option but generally these are not too bad.  The main complexity with this type of move is planning permission potentially may be required depending on what exactly you are trying to do.  If this is required then there are several key stakeholders which will include the local council but also your neighbours.  In addition to this, the quality of work you complete will determine the value it adds to your home.  Using someone like Found Architecture London can help with the design and layout and support a high quality outcome.  There is risks on doing these sort of activities on your own therefore pulling on the experts would be something to take into consideration.


Placing a driveway in your home can add a few grand to the property price.  This has specific high value if you live in an area where it is congested and the driveway allows private parking – you can even on occasions rent out your parking space in order to earn a few pounds!  There are some minor complications with these sort of projects which also include getting permission from local councils and permission from neighbours (similar to the home extension).  When people are buying a property from others, this is also something that is generally looked for.

Interior Upkeep

If you don’t take care of your home internally and ensure it is modern then this will affect its value.  Some people look for this when purchasing a property so they can buy the home, renovate it and then sell it on for a much higher price.  This is a common project for people to make a lot of extra cash.  If you are looking to maintain and increase your house value then simple things like interior painting, wallpaper etc make an important difference in leaving an impression on someone.  If this isn’t up to speed then they know that money and time will require to be spent in getting it to a more liveable and sellable standard.  In addition to this, you could again use an interior designer to support.  When you go to show homes generally people are extremely impressed therefore using interior designers will definitely up the value.

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