How to Maintain Your Diamond Ring

Published On November 19, 2016 | By koby Colt | Fashion

Diamonds are one of the hardest stones in the world. They are created by placing carbon under immense pressure underground, and that immense pressure creates a mineral that is incredibly hard. However, they’re not immune to damage. Maintaining a diamond ring involves keeping the diamond healthy as well as keeping the setting intact, especially considering the ring itself is not made of material as durable as diamond. There are ways to take care of a diamond ring that will boost its longevity. Here are some tips on how to maintain your ring.

Household Chores

Household chores are one of the biggest dangers to your diamond rings. If you are cooking or cleaning, you need to be aware of what you are doing to your ring. For example, if you have a gold ring, you should take it off before dealing with any type of ammonia product. A white gold wedding band can actually completely disintegrate within 36 hours when placed in household ammonia. Of course, you will not be submerging your hands in bleach for hours, but the amount of bleach in your cleaning products can slowly damage your ring. Also, you should avoid wearing your rings while you’re washing dishes. Drains are the natural enemy of rings, and many people lose their rings by dropping them down sink drains.

Washing dishes also poses a risk of your hands swelling. Hot water causes your fingers to swell, and this could create a problem if your ring is already snug. Alternately, cold water causes your fingers to shrink. Companies that sell engagement rings in Houston will tell you that you should avoid cold water while you’re wearing your ring.



Swimming is a major reason many people lose their rings. Cold water causes your fingers to shrink, and, if your ring normally fits comfortably, it could easily fall off when you swim in cold water.  Losing your ring in a swimming pool could lead to a long and exhausting search. If you lose it while swimming in a lake or ocean, you probably won’t ever find it again. Additionally, chlorine is something you want to avoid.

As stated earlier, chlorine bleach can dissolve your ring in as little as 36 hours. If you go swimming in a pool filled with chlorinated water, your ring will not dissolve, but it will be slightly damaged. That damage will multiply over years until your ring is significantly damaged beyond repair.


To clean your ring, you should soak it in a solution of dish soap and water for a few hours. Dish soap is designed to cut through oil and grease, so it works great at cleaning your rings. You should then use a small toothbrush or an art brush to gently clean around the diamond. Focus on the underside of the diamond. Also, be sure that you only ever pick up the diamond by the metal band and not by the actual stone.

You should avoid letting any perfumes, lotions, and creams get on the ring. They can smudge the surface of the diamond and be difficult to clean.

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