Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about the Men’s Suit

Published On June 19, 2016 | By koby Colt | Apparels

Whether it is a corporate meeting or a formal party, men look sophisticated in suits. With online shopping site, you can buy branded suits at affordable price just like that. Have you ever wondered that there are several unknown facts about suits which you wear regularly? So far, you have only bought formal suits online or from shops, but today you will know some unknown and interesting facts about your suit.

Lesser Known Facts about Men’s Suit

  1. Showing Shirt Cuff Is for Purpose

Whenever you wear suit, the shirt cuff peeps out of the sleeve of your suit. It is for a reason. During 1900, the suit was expensive and difficult for people to replace easily. Therefore, people kept the shirt cuff little longer so that the suit cuff didn’t wear off easily. Changing shirts were easier than suits.

  1. Working Cuffs

There are buttons running along the suit cuffs. Do you know why it is so? Actually, the design was made for surgeons so that they can fold the sleeves of suits and work on the battlefield during wartime. At that time, it was believed that a gentleman must not be seen without suit jacket. So, the buttons were designed that way which has now become the symbol of high-quality bespoke suit.

  1. Purpose of the Buttonhole on Lapel

All suits have a boutonniere hole on the lapel. Why is it there? Earlier, there was a button on the other side to connect with this hole. It was kept there to stay comfortable in chilly weather. This has become the fashion and many winter suits still have that button.

  1. Super Numbers

Whenever you buy suits you may have seen some suits are referred, using a super number. This number denotes the fineness of the fiber that is used to make the suit fabric. The higher number means superior quality of suit which also comes with high price-tag.

  1. History behind Keeping the Last Button Opened

Why do men keep the last button of suits open? There is a funny story behind it. Once, King Louis XIV was getting prepared to attend a royal ball and found that he had put on some weight. The last button couldn’t be attached, therefore. He had to keep it opened and all of his nobles followed him and established the style.

  1. Appropriate Shoes

Another rule of wearing suit is that you have to wear black shoe with black suit. No other color is accepted. It doesn’t look good too.

  1. Meaning of ‘Suit’

The word ‘suit’ is derived from the French word ‘Suite’ which means ‘following’. Now, what is the connection between an apparel and following? According to popular belief, suits have gone through evolution and have remained always in fashion. So, you’re following fashion trend that is going on and on.

Aren’t these interesting facts to know? Online shopping site is there to give you wide range of varieties. Buy formal suits online and stay in style.

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