Quick ideas for getting perfect wedding nails!

Published On December 25, 2017 | By koby Colt | Fashion

Weddings are special, and everything – right from your gown to your hair and makeup, needs to be perfect. When it comes to wedding nails, a lot of girls settle for basic French nails. While white is an obvious choice for weddings, let’s talk of some of the better ideas. A great option is to go for paint with metal finish, probably in gold of silver. You can also add basic loose glitter to your nude paint to create something minimalistic yet appealing.

Floral prints have also been trending for a while, and you can use simple stencils on acrylics to get the perfect nails. It is important to keep your wedding outfit and theme in mind, and if the color scale permits, you can go for an Ombre look too. You can check some of the better ideas, such as MsMee, to find wedding nail designs and styles posted by other brides. Paint your nails to glory!

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