These Gadgets Make Awesome Christmas Gifts for Anyone

Published On February 16, 2017 | By koby Colt | Fashion

One of the most exciting things about Christmas other than food and festivities, is presents. And while receiving gifts is pleasant, figuring out what to get the significant other, Sue from work or your best friend Martin can be nerve-wracking. This is particularly the case if you don’t want to reinforce the image you have cultivated of being a poor gift-giver, by buying them the same gifts every year. Fortunately, Christmas shopping doesn’t have to be any difficult, with these awesome stuff to buy, and which will impress almost anyone.

Batman ice-cube tray
For the love of Batman and all other things holy, you can now make Batman shaped ice cubes using the Batman ice cube tray. Measuring 9 by 4 inches, the vinyl mould can make 12 ice cubes at a go. It comes in colors such as black and red. This is an awesome gift because we all want ice-cubes in our lemonades in Summer, and nothing is as cool as Batman ice.

One handed bottle opener
Gropener is sure to melt the heart of any beer lover way. The affordable and lightweight gadget is a beer opener which can be used with just one hand. This gadget makes the perfect gift because it is really a game-changer for game night. Opening a beer has never been this easy.

Minecraft Torch
The Minecraft is appropriate for people of all ages, including children from the age of 6 years. The torch is designed to resemble torches in the Minecraft game and is perfect for anyone who enjoys Minecraft collectibles. That’s not the only selling point of this gadget as it has really cool features, including the ability to be mounted on the wall.

MacBook Keyboard Cover Rainbow
Keyboard covers are essential in protecting the keyboard from dirt and spills. However, the Kuzy MacBook Keyboard Cover Rainbow offers more than just that. Designed for the MacBook Pro, it is made from soft silicon material and is washable. It comes in cool rainbow colors intended to brighten your MacBook, and put some glam into work.

Jedi Bathrobes
If you would like to buy gifts en masse, then consider Jedi bathrobes. These Star Wars-themed dressing gowns are made from 100% cotton and have the Star Wars logo imprinted on the front. They come in free size meaning that the size should be comfortable and fitting well enough for any adult. Jedi bathrobes are also on of the list of official Star Wars collectors merchandise,

Pikachu Slippers
Nothing screams comfort as much as Pikachu slippers. These soft yellow slippers make an excellent Christmas gift for literally anyone. Who doesn’t want to have their feet warm in Winter anyways? They are ideal for both men and women and are available in different sizes.

Mystery Box
If you’d fancy something completely out of the box, then consider the Mystery Box. No one knows what comes in the box, as the manufacturers only reveal that there are seven themes; food, booze, gadget, NSFW (code word for the naughty box), the magical unicorn, Japanese and the unusual box. The mystery box is a pure surprise, but based on reviews, it seems to be nothing short of a pleasant one!

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