Why Is Rose Gold So Popular?

Published On August 31, 2018 | By koby Colt | Jewelry

You can’t browse any magazine or fashion blog nowadays without seeing rose gold items somewhere. From hair colour to iPhones, wedding rings to paper clips, this distinctive metal colour is unlikely to vanish from the market as quickly as some of its other competitors.

A Brief History

Rose gold may seem like a defining colour of the 2010s, but it is actually a bit older. It was first used in the 19th century by legendary jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé, who mixed yellow gold with copper to create a pinky-hued metal for his famous eggs. It was known then as Russian Gold. Rose gold as we know it then became fashionable in the 1920s and enjoyed a major revival in 2015.

The Pantone Institute names a Color of the Year; in 2016 this was a blue named Serenity and a very familiar colour they called Rose Quartz. Colour trends usually die out after a few years but rose gold is continuing strong.

A Millennial Love Affair

Rose gold is a colour most often associated with millennials. With a quick browse of Instagram, you will find rose gold everywhere. When Apple announced the iPhone 6S would be available in rose gold, 40% of the pre-orders were for this colour option. Whether it is paper clips and pins in the ultimate “office goals” aesthetic or rose gold earrings to finish a bridal look, millennials are buying up rose gold in every way they can.

Even the retailers are on their side. So long as there is a market, there will be products to fill it.

A Colour for All

So, why do so many people like rose gold? Firstly, it is considered one of the more neutral pinks. While women cite its femininity and elegance, men choose it as a chance to wear pink without it being garish. What’s more, it compliments nearly everybody. It suits both warm and cool-toned skins as well as all different people of colour. It can also bring a lovely warmth to the skin when worn as jewellery.

Furthermore, it stands out against its cousins of silver and gold. Although not what we immediately picture as a classic colour, it cannot be long before rose gold joins these ranks. It is considered to not be as tacky as yellow gold but not as cold and unfeeling as silver. While it is often considered a modern colour, the right design can make even a brand-new ring look vintage.

It also carries with it a sense of opulence and luxury that you simply don’t get with gold. A room decorated in gold will be luxurious, but it can feel unwelcoming. The warmth of rose gold creates a comfortable but opulent atmosphere. The increase of rose gold products at affordable prices means that it has become increasingly easy for anybody to achieve a champagne life on a lemonade budget; at least as far as their Instagram followers can tell.

It is clear, rose gold is going nowhere any time soon.

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